Our Project History

2018 Mozambique

Supreme Court, Republic's General Attorney, Parliament
European Union Assessment and Audit on several ICT funded projects - Network and Software: design implementation and deployment.

2017-2019 Georgia

GEOSTM - Georgian National Agency for Standards and Metrology
Metrology Information System analysis, design, development, training and deployment, using Business Process Management (BPMN 2.0) framework integrated with a Business Intelligence open-source module.

2017-2019 Portugal

Portal Server design for individual and corporate Web Services integration: ERP, Social Media, Cloud Drives and e-mail.

2017-2018 Mozambique

Ministry of Finance
Public Finance Budget Planning, Monitoring and Management Information System - Analysis, Design and Training.

2016-2019 Swaziland

Ministry of Agriculture
Agricultural Marketing Information System - Analysis, design, development, training and deployment. Collaboration portal, website, Farmer and Planting management, and Business Intelligence modules.

2016-2018 Mozambique

Ministry of Finance
Public Finance Management WAN, software and security diagnostics, design and implementation. 40.000 users country-wide.

2015-2018 Portugal

Câmara Municipal de Guimarães
WorkinProject Project and Corporate management software implementation.

2014-2015 Barbados

Government and Tripartite institutions
Design, develop and deliver an implementation strategy and action plan for a Knowledge Management System for Barbados. Analysis, inventory and mapping of all identified Knowledge Assets, including the Single-window for Trade, Imports and Exports.

2013-2014 Angola

Ministry of Planning
Public investment project monitoring and coordination system implementation which collects all national and international donors and/or partners.

2012-2013 Paraguay

Ministry of Industry and Trade
Gathering of the Technichal Barriers to Trade (TBT) for paraguayan companies on the 10 main external markets. Twelve workshops about the TBT found. Upgrading of SNIN web portal to include the TBT database and a service for exporters registering their own experiences that may constitute a TBT.

2011-2012 Colombia / European Commission

Software and network development - Process definition and project coordination to model all the processes related with the national Sanitary and Phitosanitary system to ensure traceability and safety of feed and food. The ICT network is conformed by 10 institutions in a distributed architecture (one BPM application for each institution, a central database and a public common website for risk communication) connected through webservices.

2010 Guatemala / European Commission

Analysis, design and development, using mojoPortal, for the new web portal of SIECA (Secretariat of Economic Integration of Central America) – Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicarágua, Costa Rica.

2010 Colombia

Analysis and development of Terms of Reference for the implementation of the Colombian Sanitary and Phitosanitary Measures automated system project. This aims the data interoperability of five ministries and ten public institutions.

2010 Comunidad Andina / European commission

Design of an alert system for industrialized food and beverages in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador and related workshops.

2010 Cambodia / European commission

Strengthening of the Economic and Social Data Collection, Analysis and Dissemination on the National Institute of Statistics and in all levels of administrative regions.

2010 Andean Community (Comunidad Andina)

European commission/Cámara de Comercio de Lima
System Design for a Software application, like the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) working in the European Union countries, for the Andean Community member states, and workshops in these field in several cities of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

2009 Syria

Identification and formulation of content to be uploaded to the SMCA Website, as well as the design of a system to generate adequate content in the future.

2009 St. Vincent & Grenadines

Service to develop a web based BPM system for the companies name registry of Commerce & Intellectual Property Office.

2009 Paraguay

Public administration modernization program. Implementing a “one-stop-shop” for public processes. Cornerstone for the e-government solution.

2008 Universidade do Minho

Flagsoft and Universidade do Minho - Department of Civil Engenering has established a partnership to develop a software tool to help and improve the design process of masonry buildings, and calculate wall strenght against earthquakes.

2008 MERCOSUR / European commission

Design of Terms of Reference for all ITC assignments on AMM (“Apoyo al Monitoreo Macroeconomico”) Project.

2008 WProc

WorkinProject WProc - Event tracking and notification system addon for WorkinProject, final version released.

2007 Syria

Design of a strategy and detailed action plan leading to the development of the software industry in Syria. The assignment consisted on interviews with the major Software Houses, Internet Service Providers, Private and public universities/institutes and the Ministry of Higher Education.

2007 WSaft-PT

WorkinProject WSaft-PT released - According to the Act "Portaria Nº 321-A/2007 de 26 de Março", after 2008-01-01 the Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - SAFT - Portuguese Version is mandatory.

2007 Peru / World Bank

We were the choice from The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property(INDECOPI) - a major Peruvian institution and ISO menber since 1992 to fully design and develop a system to manage techical documentation with selective mass notification capabilities. The solution involves a backend, a inhouse store and a public web portal build ontop Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET.

2007 Peru

Analysis and design of Peruvian International Trade Single-window. Web based information system where all stakeholders (Importers, Exporters, Customs and Public Ministries) can manage their information related to a specific transaction. All transactions are made electronically.

2003-2007 Export Alert

Export Alert and WTO Enquiry Point management system analysis, design, development, implementation and training for all Andean Community member countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela).